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Marron Glace

@} Name // Marron Glaces
@} Age // 16 (17 in Veles)
@} Blood Type // A
@} Gender // Male
@} Species // Human
@} Known Relatives // Mother (Apricot, deceased), Father (Onion), Older Brother (Carrot).
@} Homeworld // Spooner Continent
@} Homeland // St. Hordic Mountain
@} Abilities // Eastern Magic, skilled swordsman.
@} Weaknesses // Alcohol
@} Talents // Minor sewing, cooking, being totally chill.

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Marron Glace was born and raised on St. Hordic mountain, the haven of the Sorcerer Hunters. Sorcerer Hunters do just that-- hunt down Sorcerers. In their world there are ordinary people, called the Parsoners, and the magic-users, the Sorcerers. Marked by the triangles on their foreheads, many Sorcerers dominate, exploit, torment, murder, and enslave the Parsoners of the Spooner Continent, the continent they're all from. It's the job of the Sorcerer Hunters to eliminate both Sorcerers and elements of Forbidden Magic to protect humans from both.

He's the youngest of two. His father, Onion Glace, was an infamous Haz Knight. The Haz Knights are among the elite and are considered the strongest of the Sorcerer Hunters; his father resigned, though, to raise his family along with his new wife Apricot. Their first son was Carrot who bears a striking resemblance to his father (complete with lecherous tenancies and being horribly girl crazy). A year later Marron was born, who takes more after his mother in looks and probably attitude as well. Their mother passed away at an unknown time in their childhood so it was more or less the three of them. He's the uncontested favorite of his father because of that resemblance.

Growing up he was often picked on for looking so feminine, and his brother defended him. Because of this, he's sworn to defend his brother no matter what, and does. In fact, the only times we really see him upset or worried in the manga are when his brother is in danger. In fact, there's a running gag about how suspect this overzealous protective instinct is.

Marron's personality can be a kind of fickle thing. In general, he's what you would refer to as "impressively reserved." His facial expression is typically completely expressionless, and he's more likely to frown than smile save for a few select people. He's frequently described as calm and "difficult to read." That's not to say he's an unpleasant man-- he's just carved out this life for himself that's rather simple to define. He doesn't branch out and take risks much unless it's clearly worth it. As an example, he'd rather stay indoors and meditate or practice his caligraphy-- but if his brother's in trouble he's the first one on his feet and rushing head-first into a plan to rescue him. A lot of this comes from his childhood with his brother, which I'll branch out on in the history section.

On first meeting he's likely to show no positive or negative emotion towards another character at all, as his affections-- and on the flip side, his anger-- are typically slow to accumulate. He takes time to think about a person's character, a culmination of all of his experiences with the person along with the occasional word of mouth reccomendation or dissuasion, provided they're from a credible source, and comes up with a calculated opinion of the person. Once this conclusion has been reached it's nigh impossible to get him to change his mind. Marron is stubborn to a fault, and coupled with loyalty issues of a similar vein, get him into more trouble than anything else.

That being said, once he's decided to warm up to you, he shifts entirely. He'll smile warmly, greet you with kind words, and go out of his way to assist you in any way he can. Marron's friends are few and therefore incredibly precious to him. Likewise he's no wilting flower, either. If you've managed to get on his bad side he'll more or less avoid you, but hurt one of his few friends and he has no qualms doing what's necessary to protect them. .. whether or not his friends ask for/want it in the first place.

Given his personality, he's incredibly resistant to change. He'll adapt as he must, of course, but he'll grumble the whole way. Marron loves a nice consistent base to his life-- though since he's been to Veles before he won't be as irritable as he was the first time. Changes in his room, in the people he knew before versus who is here now-- that, he will react quite poorly to. He doesn't make social ties easily, and for him it'll literally feel like having to start a monumentally draining task all over again.

He's the reincarnation of Yaksha, one of the Five Gods. He's the God of the East and carries a sword, which is the explination for Marron's rarely-used skill with the weapon.